Frequently Asked Questions


Does the lining of your canned tomatoes contain BPA?
Do your tomatoes have any added sugar or processing agents which are not listed on the label?
Do your tomatoes contain lectins?
Are your tomatoes cooked?

Olive Oil

What is the maximum temperature reached during the pressing of the olives?
What is the acidity level of your extra virgin olive oil?
Is your extra virgin olive oil unrefined?

Balsamic Vinegar

Is your balsamic vinegar pasteurized?
Does your balsamic vinegar contain caramel color?
Is your balsamic vinegar vegan?
Do you test your vinegar for lead?

Fruit Spreads

Once opened, do your fruit spreads require refrigeration?
Do the ascorbic and citric acids in the fruit spreads come from corn?
Are any of your fruit spreads free of ascorbic and citric acid?
Why do you use ascorbic and citric acid in your fruit spreads?
What is the source of your fruit pectin?

Fruit Nectars

Are your fruit nectars pasteurized?
How long can I store your fruit nectars in the refrigerator?


Why did you change your gluten free pasta ingredients?
What is a bronze die?
How many cups is a 2oz. serving of dry pasta after cooking?